Product Review Policy

Fearless Fridays on Southern Girls Living Fearlessly feature products and services for the southern girl aspiring to the fearless life. Will your product or service help prod her on her way to fearless living? Will it indicate that she is a girl who has arrived? Is it a signature something that sourtherners simply must have? Then let's chat, shall we?

There are two ways to have your product or service (or even vacation destination) featured on an upcoming Fearless Friday:

1) Product Review
     To have your product reviewed, you must:
  • Submit a product sample for review.
  • Supply a giveaway item. The item does not have to be the product being reviewed, but should be related to the product. For example, the product might be a meat rub and the giveaway item could be an apron.
  • Provide a coupon code or other incentive for my readers to go to your web site and buy your product.
  • Agree that the product review will reflect the opinion of the blog owner.
  • Supply product pictures.
  • Email a brief description of your product and a few lines about why it's a must-have for a southern girl. When emailing, be sure to type Fearless Friday Review in the subject line.

2) Paid Advertising
     You may opt to pay for a blog post about your product or service. In that case you must
  • Pay an advertising fee of $10 per post.
  • Supply product pictures.
  • Supply the post content. Content can include text, podcasts, and/or videos.
  • Agree that the blog post will clearly state that it is paid advertising.
  • Email a brief description of the product and a couple of line about why it's a must-have for the southern girl. When emailing, be sure to type Fearless Friday Advertising in the subject line.
3) FaceBook Auctions
     A third way to spread the word about your product or service on Fearless Fridays is to participate in the Fearless Fridays FaceBook auction on the Southern Girls Living Fearlessle Page: To participate in the auction, you must
  • Supply a limited number of the product/service to be auctioned (3-5).
  • Sell the product/service to Southern Girls Living Fearlessly at a discounted price of 35% off regular retail.
  • Ship product to Southern Girls Living Fearlessly prior to Fearless Friday auction. Seller pays shipping cost.
  • Supply pictures of product/service.
  • Agree to allow Southern Girls Living Fearlessly to include product description and web address with auction listing.
  • Accept for return with refund any of the product/service not bought at auction. Southern Girls Living Fearlessly pays shipping cost.
  • Email a brief description of the product/service and a couple of lines explaining why it is a must-have for the southern girl.