Friday, April 1, 2011

100 Things

Every southern girl, every girl at all, for that matter, should be able to name 100 things. Not just any 100 things, but 100 important things. Like 100 places she wants to visit, 100 people she admires, 100 things she wants to accomplish in the next ten years. Get the idea?

This isn't an exercise to waste time or irritate the men in our lives. It's an exercise to make us more aware of who we are and how we think and what's important to us. It's an exercise to capitalize on our drive to write lists, and, more importantly, our motivation to cross things off of our lists.

For the month of April, I am writing my first list of 100 Things. Every weekday, for the four full weeks in April, I'll add five additional items to my list. My 100 Things will be a list of 100 Things I Love. Because it's completely understood, and said everyday, that I love my husband and children and family, those will NOT be on my list. My family is so big I could get to fifty without thinking. Since this is a challenge to myself, let me for the record publish that I love everyone to whom I am related.

I challenge you to play along with this game. Take out your Book of Lists and record your 100 things. If you work along with me, by the end of the month, you'll have a new appreciation for yourself and your niche. You'll also have a new challenge: To cross off each of those 100 places you want to visit or goals you want to accomplish or people you want to meet. I'll work on crossing off making time in each day for one of the things I love.

Is there any better way to live fearlessly than to face up to a double challenge?

What's the theme of your 100 Things list?

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