Monday, April 4, 2011

100 Things I Love - #s 1-5

As I blogged on Friday, every southern girl, every girl at all, for that matter, should be able to name 100 things. Not just any 100 things, but 100 important things. Like 100 places she wants to visit, 100 people she admires, 100 things she wants to accomplish in the next ten years. Get the idea?

The theme of my list is 100 things I Love. This is the first day of my challenge and it wasn't hard to name the first five:
     1. Puppy breath.
     2. Spring rain on a tin roof.
     3. Train whistles in the night.
     4. A child's chubby hands.
     5. Surprise Snow.

 Intrigued? Want to play along? Scroll down and read Friday's post. Think of a theme for your list of 1oo things. It could be anything - 100 recipes you want to try to cook, 100 things you want to learn, 100 plants you want to grow - as long as it's something worthwhile. Then get started in your Book of Lists.

What's your 100 Things theme? What's on your list today?

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