Monday, November 14, 2011

More Than You Planned

We all have a grocery list for our lives; things we want to do, places we want to go, relationships we want to have, goals we want to accomplish. Every day, we're filling our metaphorical shopping buggies from life's metaphorical shelves, tossing into our carts those things on our list while by-passing products we deem too pricey, unhealthy, or need next time but not now.

My mother and my aunt, on a shopping jaunt for my widowed uncle, learned that sometimes, if you're open to it, the universe gives you more than you planned on your list:

The moral of the story is that sometimes we get so focused on what we think we need for ourselves, crossing off the items on our list
graduate from college
get married
have a baby
have another baby
land the dream job
run a marathon
write a book
that we fail to note all the rest that life has in store for us. We can have our buggy and another one, too, you know.

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