Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Taking a Stand

This is the first post in a long while. I've been out living fearlessly - that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

I've also been lining up Blog Tour stops for Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run. (You can find out more details about that here.) And while out on the tour trail, I've met some interesting people, one of whom reminded me of an important part of living fearlessly: Taking a stand and refusing to waver.

Now, I will say this, we southern girls always reserve the right to change our minds. That's so no one ever really knows what's going on up in our pretty little heads. But we are by no means limber reeds. We will not budge on our core beliefs.

Jessica at This Blessed Life is a prime example. I sent her the following request:

Dear Jessica,

I'm a southern writer (native Georgian) taking my recently released book, Tuck Your Skirt in Your Panties and Run, on blog tour. It's a book of humorous, true stories about surviving (and even prevailing over) unavoidable embarrassing moments written with a twang and drawl. I am currently scheduling tour stops for October and November. Will you host a visit for me at This Blessed Life? Of course I supply content in the format of your choosing. May I send you more information about the Tuck Your Skirt 2011 Blog Tour? (You can read more here:

Jessica promptly and politely responded, thus:

Hi Lucy,

Unfortunately, I don't think your book would be a good fit for me to review. Don't take it personally, but the word "panties" is one of my least-favorite words (I don't even like to say it out loud!), and it's something I've been very vocal about (in a joking manner but also serious). As crazy as it sounds, I just can't in good conscience review a book with that word in it since so many people close to me know I can't stand that word! It just wouldn't make sense for me. However, I wish you all the best!

This is a woman after my own heart. This is someone we can respect and emulate. She isn't fearful of turning into a brick wall when her very ideals are threatened. But she maintains impeccable manners. I replied to her:

Dear Jessica,

Thanks for responding. Yours is the most interesting reply I have received. And I totally understand. If a girl takes a stand against something, she has to stick by it. I, for example, detest the word "pee" and any use of it. It sounds vulgar to me. So, nothing personal taken.

I do not know how Jessica feels about the word "pee," as I have not heard back from her. But I have made up my mind that if not for our differences on "panties" she and I could be very good friends living the fearless life together.

What's the one thing you take a stand on?

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Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

You are too funny! And no, "pee" doesn't bother me...but then again I have a 2-year-old so I hear that word a lot. :)